SNRSS was constituted officially in 12 July 1961.

This society represents a scientific and professional and nongovernmental association which acts in soil science and related fields

On the one hand, it was created for the continuation of the old researchers’ remarcable activity who had substantial contributions to the soil science development, both on national and international plants; on the other hand, it was created for the necessity it offer to the next generations an organizatoric and scientific suitable background for unfolding of efficacious activity in the pedological domains.


The purpose, objectives and modalities for the fulfillment

of these objectives

SNRSS purpose is the stimulations of scientific research in all soil science areas and promotion of applied practice, namely:

1. The active participation in the development of soil science and in the settlement of the practical problems on the utilization and management of soil resources and their fertility in environmental protection conditions and maintenance of the ecological balance.

2. The vulgarisation of the achievements and the tradition of soil science in our country, and the development of the large mass concerned with knowledge, the optimum utilization and soil protection.

3. The promotion of international information exchange of the scientific results and technologies for the soil science area between SNRSS members and experts or similar societies from another countries.

4. The support or the initiating of training and specialisation projects for the SNRSS members.

For the achievement of these purposes, SNRSS:

• organizes scientific reunions, congresses, national and international conferences, symposia for the discussion of professional and organizational problems related to the society’s objectives and promotes the theoretical and applied novelties;

• elaborates and/or publishes scientific works and vulgarisation works in soil science area; and publishes a specialized lournal, an informative bulletin and proceeding of national conferences or symposia;

• achieves scientific relationships, co-operations and scientific literature exchanges with scientific and national and international institutes;

• constitutes work groups for the settlement of diverse problems in the soil science area;

• awards prizes for very good profesional urms (Gh. Munteanu–Murgoci Prize), for achivements of the SNRSS young members (Nicolae Cernescu Prize), or for the graduate students with very good results. (Nicolae Bucur prize)



SNRSS Organization

At present, SNRSS has 330 members. These proceed their activity both in specialized commissions and regional branches.

At this moment, SNRSS has 6 commissions: Soil Phisics and Soil Technology; Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy; Soil Biology; Soil Fertility and plant Nutrition; Soil Genesis, Classification and Cartography; Soils and Environment.

There are several regional branches: Buchsarest branch (Muntenia and Dobrogea districts); Cluj branch (N-V Transilvania districts); Braºov branch (S-E Transilvania districts); Timiºoara branch (Banat districts, S Criºana districts and Hunedoara districts); Iaºi branch (Moldova and Bucovina districts); Craiova branch (Oltenia districts).

SNRSS funds are added from the registration fees, yearlydues of SNRSS members, donations, subventions, conference registration fees, publication sales and other sources (consulting services conferences, service performance, etc.).

SNRSS is a component part of International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS).


Editorial Activity

The publications of SNRSS are following:

    1. “Soil Science (Journal). The first issue appeared in 1963.
    2. At present, the 3rd series is published which began with the XXIX volume in 1995. This review appears twice a year. The reviewpublishes the papers in Romanian and other foreign language. For the papers published in Romanian, there is an abstract in English;

    3. Proceedings and guide-books of national conferences (one every
    4. three years), symposia and other scientific manifestations under the SNRSS aegis;

    5. Informative bulletins appear once a year (beginning with 1994).

This work reflects (considers) the SNRSS activity of the respective year.It records national and international scientific manifestations, the SNRSS members who participated in these ones printed papers, main international scientific events which will be organized in the following years, SNRSS awards, distinctions, new PhD theses, new publications and diverse information from our country and another countries. Also, there are headings for anniversaries, in memoriam, etc.